= Скачать wildlife camp. Группы на букву J. Лингво-лаборатория Амальгама
"Тесты по мнению английскому на магистратуру, докторантуру, резидентуру" 0015-2016 годочек
1. Diana says her present job is .
A) the best in the world
В) the best she has ever had
C) very exhausting
D) very troublesome
0. Diana and the leader of the tourist group discussed
A) the lunch menu
В) a meeting point
C) the route
D) bus tickets price
0. The tourists got back to the hotel .
A) by 0 a.m.
В) in the morning
C) at noon
D) in the afternoon
0. Diana works .
A) in the city museum
В) with Alan
C) with bus drivers
D) with tourists

0. Diana had only a few minutes to .
A) eat a sandwich
В) have some tea
C) grab a burger
D) grab a doughnut
0. Diana"s job is .
A) a guide
В) a guidance
C) a travel agent
D) a travel consultant
0. Upon arriving at the hotel Diana discussed the itinerary for the next day with___
A) the leader of the group 0) her colleagues
C) the hotel staff
D) Alan
0. The itinerary is___
; A) a souvenir
В) a tourist route
C) a cafe menu
D) a picture gallery

Text 0

0. Pia says the he was also responsible for all the___
A) cleaning
В) cooking
C) shopping
D) advertising
00. Pia says he didn"t have any problems with____ wherever he went.
A) Italian
В) Chinese
C) French
D) Italian and Spanish
01. Pia was also responsible for____
A) leaflets and business cards.
В) supplying food to firms.
C) leaflets and identity cards.
D) hiring staff.

02. Pia says that his father was____
A) Spanish
В) French
C) Italian
D) Polish
03. John asks Pia to tell him something about his
A) family relations.
В) brothers or sisters.
C) university life
D) work experience.
04. Pia can speak quite well.
A) Russian and Spanish
В) Italian and Chinese
C) Italian and Spanish
D) Japanese and Spanish
05. Pia says he was kept a long way from the
A) laundry
В) kitchen
C) bedroom
D) bathroom

06. John wonders for how long Pia went
A) skateboarding
В) skating
C) skiing
D) travelling

Text 0

07. What is mainly described in the text?
A) The scientists recommend how to take the drug while going in tor sports.
В) The scientists" vision of alternative medicine.
C) Inherited mental disorders are subject to curing,
D) The impact of the drug while treating mental disorders.

08. But behind the Dutch scientists" delight at this new scientific breakthroug
there are a number of
A) important moral issues
В) natural disaster
C) education
D) The Dutch scientists

09. The drug discovered by the scientists may treat the following disorders except
A) High blood pressure.
В) Inherited diseases.
C) Bad memories.
D) Unpleasant memories.
00. What is mainly reflected in the text?
A) The drug is against mental disorders.
В) New innovations in the field of medicine.
C) The scientists" attitude to medicine.
D) The scientists" approach to patients.
01. The Dutch scientists think that the drug could also help people .
A) suffering from neuralgia
В) suffering from mental anguish
C) suffering from silence
D) suffering from severe trauma
02. This could include the emotional crisis people experience as a result of a
natural disaster, or a shocking event such as______or plane crash.
A) a computer
В) a train
C) a bus
D) a horse
03. Find one of the reasons why people get the emotional crisis according to the
A) Grief.
В) A natural disaster.
C) A gastric ulcer.
D) Trouble at work.
04.What kind of feelings do the scientists have about their new scientific breakthrough?
A) Sympathy.
В) Mixed feelings,
C) Delight.
D) Disappointment.

Text 0
05. Ian says that he will miss___ when he is away
A) South of France
В) Ireland
C) Aussies
D) England
06. On his first visit to Australia, Ian wants to____
A) meet new friends
В) to test the water
C) try to become nationalized
D) see the nature of the island
07. Ian loves outdoor activities like___
A) kite surfing, playing football and zorbing
В) zorbing, free running and kite surfing
C) scuba diving, hang-gliding and windsurfing
D) paraskiing, running and swimming
08. To get a permanent visa and live in Australia is_____.
A) not long
В) not very long
C) not very difficult
D) not easy
09. The easiest way to get Australian nationality is to____.
A) marry an Australian
В) study at university
C) enter the college
D) have a specialized work
00. Ian thinks he has possibilities of getting a permanent work visa
A) very few
В) fairly good
C) nearly no
D) no
01. Ian is planning to be in Australia______
A) for some weeks
В) for about two years
C) the following week
D) for about three months
02. Ian has a holiday visa to Australia but he wants to _____
A) be there and study
В) relax on the beach
C) find a job there
D) study there

0. There are many in the library.
A) dictionaryies
В) dictionaryes
C) dictionariess
D) dictionaries
0. She asked: "Would you like banana?"
A) -
В) the
C) an
D) a
0. His book was published abroad.
A) father-in"s-law
В) the father"s-in-law
C) the father-in-law"s
D) father-in-law"s
0. Sally sat down on chair.
A) -
В) a
C) the
D) an
0. Our younger son doesn"t want to be a lawyer like his_____ brother
A) old
В) elder
C) older
D) oldest
0. These people are .
A) the Germans
В) the German
C) German
D) Germans
0. cups of coffee are drunk every day globally.
A) two billion
В) two billions
C) the two billion
D) the two billions
0. Where does walk finish?.
A) a twentieth kilometer
В) the twentieth kilometer
C) twenty kilometers
D) the twenty kilometer
0. Kairat has lived in Astana 0998.
A) Since
В) Yet
C) Just
D) For
00. It is raining .
A) most heavily
В) more heavy
C) heavily
D) most heavy
01. Aiman came from Kazakhstan to visit Jack. liked American television.
A) He
В) She
C) It
D) I
02. I believe you but there are who doubt.
A) that
В) these
C) the
D) those
03. of the restaurants he went to was expensive.
A) either
В) anything
C) neither
D) nothing
04. The flats are very expensive. student in the world could possibly afford such a high rent.
A) Anybody
В) Some
C) Any
D) No

05. Montanelli entered the room where Arthur for him at the supper
A) has waited
В) is waiting
C) have waited
D) was waiting
06. It"s been ages my last meal, and I am very hungry.
A) of
В) since
C) for
D) from
07. Choose the correct verb form:
At this time next week I a report on environment pollution issues at a
conference in Geneva.
A) will give
В) will have given
C) will be giving
D) would be giving
08. Choose the correct answer:
How many cars ___ in the accidents on this road so far?
A) have been damaged
В) had damaged
C) has been damaged
D) had been damaged
09. Choose the correct modal verb:
I am feeling sick. I eaten so much ice cream last night.
A) should have
В) couldn"t be
C) shouldn"t have
D) had better
00. Choose the correct form of the Infinitive:
I can"t go out now. I"m waiting .
A) for my son to come
В) my son coming
C) for my son coming
D) for coming my son
01. Choose the correct answer:
It is worth ___ that the Irish were given a vote on enlargement.
A) remember
В) remembered
C) to remember
D) remembering
02. Choose the correct answer:
______ the classroom, he found all the pupils sitting at their desks and revising
their homework.
A) Entering into
В) Entering to
C) Entered
D) Entering
03. ____Christmas people give each other presents
A) On
В) For
C) In
D) At
04. I"ll see you next Friday.
A) for
В) at
C) in
D) -
05. Choose the right conjunction.
I saw many places of interest I was in Washington
A) that
В) where
C) when
D) but
06. Choose the correct answer;
My little daughter her classes at 00:00.
A) goes
В) runs
C) starts
D) comes
07. Choose the correct answer:
far is it from here?
A) what
В) how
C) why
D) where
08. Choose the right sentence:
I was afraid of being late, .
A) so I decided to hurry
В) as I decided to hurry
C) if I decided to hurry
D) where I decided to hurry
09. Find the right sentence:
A) Ask your mother when lunch will be ready
В) Ask your mother when lunch be will ready
C) Ask your mother when will be ready lunch
D) Ask your mother when will lunch ready be
00. Choose the correct sentence:
enough food /have / to stay / we / in the camp / one more day /didn"t
A) We didn"t one more day to stay have enough food in the camp.
В) We didn"t have enough food to stay in the camp one more day.
C) We didn"t have food enough in the camp one more day to stay.
D) We didn"t have one more day to stay enough food in the camp.
01. Change into reported speech:
"He is ill", I think
A) She has thought that he was ill.
В) She thought that he is ill.
C) She thought that he will be ill.
D) She thought that he was ill.
02. If I"d listened more carefully to his directions, I got lost.
A) hadn"t have
В) didn"t have
C) won"t have
D) wouldn"t have
Chanes Dickens is one of the most popular writers of all time. His life is rather like one of his books, full of happy and sad situations. He was born near Portsmouth, England in 0812, and then the family moved to London, He was one of the eight children His father was a clerk, so they were very poor. His mother taught Charles to read. He loved books, but his parents did not have enough money to send him to school for long. At the age of twelve he went to work in a factory, and he hated the job. Then his father was sent to prison because he owed people money Dickens wrote about these unhappy times later, in many of his stories. He did not want to stay poor forever. He taught himself shorthand and became a reporter in Parliament, Dickens had his first success as a writer with The Pickwick Papers. By the age of twenty-four he was already famous; he stayed famous until he died. In 0836 he married Catherine Hogarth, and they had ten children. They found it more and more difficult to live together, though, so in 0858 they moved to different homes. As well as his writing, Dickens had a number of other interests. He gave a lot of time to things that he believed in. He fought, for example, for changes to laws and prisons. In the end his health suffered, and he died in 0870.

0. Charles Dickens had brothers and sisters.
A) seven
В) eight
C) nine
D) six
0. Charles Dickens taught himself shorthand because he
A) wanted to find a good job
В) wanted to become a traveler
C) didn"t want to go to school
D) wanted to be a doctor
0. Charles Dickens became a reporter in Parliament .
A) after he had left school.
В) after he had moved to a new city.
C) after he had taught himself shorthand.
D) after he had met the Prime Minister.
0. Charles Dickens"s father .
A) worked in the hospital
В) worked in an office
C) served in the army
D) worked in the theatre
0. Charles Dickens his first job.
A) enjoyed
В) loved
C) liked
D) hated
0. The family of Charles Dickens was very .
A) friendly
В) independent
C) rich
D) poor
0. Charles Dickens"s first famous book was called .
A) The Pickwick Papers
В) Domby and Son
C) David Copperfield
D) The Happy Times
0. Dickens wrote about these ____ times for his family later, in many of his stories
A) enjoyable
В) pleasant
C) happy
D) unhappy
0. Charles Dickens was born in
A) 0871
В) 0821
C) 0912
D) 0812
00. Charles Dickens gave a lot of time to___
A) relaxing with his friends
В) political changes he struggled for
C) the relationship with his wife
D) his family and children

01. Charles Dickens became famous
A) by the time he was fifty-four
В) when he left school
C) by the time he got married
D) after he had died
02. When Charles Dickens died in 0870, he was
A) sixty-eight
В) sixty-five
C) seventy
D) fifty-eight

Few people go outside the city, and so they miss out on experiencing the scenery and the fascinating history of this beautiful Hartbridge. This brochure will tell you what you can see if you take a short bus ride out of the city.
The historic village of Camberwell was once the home of the wealthy Hugo family. They lived in a huge country house, Camberwell Court, and owned all the land in the area. The family sold their house in the 0 040s, and it is now open to the public. You can spend a whole day walking around the house and gardens. There is a small exhibition about the family, a children"s play area, a gift shop and a restaurant. But the village of Camberwell is also worth a visit. There are some beautiful cottages with well kept gardens, and there is a small church which dates back to the eleventh century. To get to Camberwell, take Bus 06 from the Bus station. Buses leave every two hours.
Hidcot is an attractive village situated on the River Owell. Wildlife lovers should visit the Nature Park to the south of the village, where there are large numbers of rare birds and flowers. However, you will probably see plenty, of wildlife from the bridge in the village centre1 In Hidcot, you can take a two-hour river cruise - a great way to see the countryside and learn about the local wildlife from a guide. If you prefer to explore the river by yourself, it"s well worth walking one and a half miles along the river to the pub "The Boat" which cannot be reached by road. Here, you can hire small boats and explore the river at your leisure. To get to Hidcot, take Bus 0A to Reeford. Hidcot is half way between Hartbridge and Reeford.

03. According to paragraph 0 the Hugo family lived in the____ village.
A) poor
В) mountainous
C) modern
D) ancient
04. The word "wealthy" in paragraph 0 means
A) well-educated
В) healthy
C) granted
D) rich
05. The Nature Park is attractive for wildlife lovers, because
A) there you can buy flowers in all seasons of the year
В) various birds migrate in winter to the Nature Park
C) a large number of birds and flowers have become endangered
D) there you can find a lot of unique birds and flowers
06. An exhibition means
A) in the village Hidcot
В) in the restaurant
C) from their neighbours
D) laying open to public view
07. According to paragraph 0 the Hugo family
A) moved to another village
В) rented a land from Camberwell Court
C) opened a new restaurant
D) was the landlord of the village
08. "it is now open to the public" in sentence 0 of paragraph 0 means
A) not available to the public
В) a new restaurant opened
C) visitors can come to see it
D) open temporarily
09. The phrasal verb "to date back to" in sentence 0 of paragraph 0 means
A) to describe something happened in the past
В) to go back to history
C) to have existed since a particular time in the past
D) an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time
00. The word "it" in line 0 in “Camberwell", "and it is open to the public" refers to
A) the historic village
В) the house of the Hugo family
C) the land in the area
D) a small church
01. There is also possibility to enjoy the wildlife view from
A) the small exhibition about the family
В) the bridge in the village center
C) the mouth of the River Owell
D) the top of the highest building in the village
02. Every two hours buses
A) get broken and repaired
В) leave for the city center
C) reach to the River Owell
D) arrive in Camberwell
03. The opposite meaning of the word "valueless"
A) small
В) worth
C) priceless
D) huge
04. According to the paragraph 0, you can
A) enjoy your time walking around the Camberwell Court
В) buy a huge country house with garden in the area
C) waste your time seeking for a gift shop
D) get lost in the village
better when my band played on stage" WaS 09 *° WatCh ~ but 0Ven
cun w "T’T ,an9Ua9e" Th6re are alS° tnpS to -mmer cam 0
country - I have been to a couple and learnt a lot
musk"teacher thinks ** y°Un9 Pe°Ple arS gett,n9 ,nterested in *=■ My
music. Because all of us want to connect our life with music!

05.We can imply from the text that the author"s opinion about the quality of
her band"s playing was
A) horrible
В) not so bad
C) satisfactory
D) fantastic

06.The» text mainly discusses
A) how different jazz is from other kinds of music
В) how jazz is becoming popular among young people
C) who can play in school jazz bands
D) jazz summer camps and jazz music events
07. The following statements about Katie are true, except
A) She thinks her schools teachers are very good
В) She can play a music instrument
C) She is a member of a music band.
D) Her music teacher is a great pop music performer.
08. Trumpet refers to
A) a type of musician
В) a genre of music
C) a musical instrument.
D) a type of clothes
09. Choose the correct variant: They felt on the stage as if_____
A) they were as a part of the past events
В) nobody in the audience supported them
C) they had never played on stage before
D) they were very much embarrasse

00. Which of the following statements best summarizes the idea of the text?
A) More and more young people are getting interested in jazz
В) played on stage with professional musicians^
C) played at a high level despite their young ag .
D) had little experience of playing in pub ic.

01. The author says the bands in her school"s jazz competition_____
A) played music they had written themselves .
В) played on stage with professional musicians^
C) played at a high level despite their young age .
D) had little experience of playing in pub ic.
02. According to the text what can be implied about the author"s music schools?.
A) played music they had written themselves .
В) played on stage with professional musicians^
C) the learners of this schools feel lucky to study there .
D) had little experience of playing in pub ic
03. According to the text, what can be implied about Katie?
A) She would like to change her school for a better one.
В) She is a professional jazz permormer.
C) She has never played on stage before this competition.
D) Her parents encourage her in her love to jazz music.
04. The general purpose of the text is to
A) explain what jazz is
В) encourage young people to listen to more jazz music
C) advertise young people"s jazz events
D) give advice on how to create great jazz music
05. What is the main topic of the text?
A) Young people"s interest in jazz music
В) School jazz bands and their performances
C) Jazz music competitions among school bands
D) Jazz music schools and summer camps
06. The author finds jazz music interesting because
A) it is very popular
В) it is very old-fashioned
C) it is very modern
D) it is both new and old
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0-30 01-60 01-90 ... 081-210 011-213

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